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Chorizo Pumpkin Seed Stuffing-Filled Pasillas Peppers

You can’t have Thanksgiving without a stuffing.  Roasted pasilla peppers are perfect vehicle for filling with a chorizo and pumpkin...

Rodenbach Grand Cru Cherry Pie with Almond Coriander Crust

I love a cherry pie. I love beers that have cherry notes and essences. I took these two loves an...

Sopes filled with Mexican Style Beer Stewed Chicken and Malt Pickled Red Onions

Sopes are what I call the ‘tortilla 2.0’.  It’s a masa based tortilla where the sides are pinched, to create...

Mexican-Style Beer Stewed Chicken

This chicken recipe is simple, can be made in advance and worked into any number of dishes.  The smoked Doppelbock...

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