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Duck Coconut Green Curry Chili

This version of Beer Chili goes to East Asia and uses the flavors and ingredients of Thailand to create a...

Homemade Ricotta Cheese Made with Malt Vinegar | Black Truffle Salt

How to make your own homemade ricotta cheese: Cheese The by product of milk.   This homemade ricotta cheese recipe...

He'Brew R.I.P.A Beer Braised Lamb Shank Sandwich

He’Brew R.I.P.A Beer Braised Lamb Shank Sandwich

When cooking with beer, it is important to taste and understand the beer, just as one would any of the...

Lemon Saison Bars

The balance between the butter-rich crust and the light sour tang of the lemon all mixed with a spicy and...

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