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Ginger Porter Snaps

How to make Ginger Porter Snaps Ginger + Porter + Cookie = Ginger Porter Snaps: Two intense flavors that support one another....

Christmas Pudding With Russian Imperial Stout Soaked Dried Fruit & Hard Sauce

Christmas Pudding is a traditional medieval English dessert served on December 25th.  Sometimes called “figgy pudding” or “plum pudding,” this...

Hophead IPA Beer Peanut Brittle

Hophead IPA Beer Peanut Brittle

Learn How To Make Peanut Brittle with Beer: Stop and think about what flavors go well together.  A hoppy, citrusy...

Barleywine Marinated Prime Rib

Barleywine Marinated Prime Rib

  Learn How to Make the Best Prime Rib: Many holiday traditions include gathering around the dinner table to celebrate...

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