Duck Recipes

If you’ve ever been to one of my dinners, 9 times or of 10, I will always serve a duck course on a menu. I love duck. I love all things duck. From the amazing duck breasts, to the duck legs, the duck hearts, the duck livers, the duck bones | neck | feet, to the duck skin. There is so much one can create with a whole duck. To think and apply the ‘Nose to Tail’ mentality to a duck, means you can use almost everything, and have some delicious meals as a result.  I wanted to use this page in my online cookbook, to help teach you all the different duck recipes I have made over the years and continue to make.

From duck confit, to duck stock, braised duck (Duck a la De Striuse), Duck RagùDuck Mole Carnitas, a Thai style Duck Coconut Green Curry Chili, to an Asian Braised Duck Legs in a Flanders Red Plum Sauce with a Belgian Beer Twist, to Duck Liver Dubbel Prune MousseDuck Porcini Stuffing or a Turducken, there is a recipe with duck and beer on this page. Duck is a very versatile meat | poultry alternative. When cooking with beer, duck meat is very complimentary, with many beer styles.

As duck isn’t as a popular meat to find in most grocery stores, finding duck meat might be more difficult, if you aren’t friends with a hunter. One of my favorite companies to get duck from is Sonoma Poultry | Liberty Duck. Located just outside Petaluma, CA, they offer all things duck. All the ingredients in this recipe are sourced from them. Duck hearts, duck gizzards, duck bones | feet | necks (great for stocks), duck legs, duck breasts, duck skin (duck chicharrones anyone) and duck fat (for frying, sauteing and pastry – Duck Fat Strudel Dough). They are now shipping duck. Take a look at their site!

Eat Beer!

Duck Recipes:

Beer-Infused Egg Rolls
Braised Duck Legs in a Flanders Red Plum Sauce
Chicken or Duck Liver Dubbel Prune Mousse
Chicken or Duck Liver Stout Mushroom Mousse
Duck a la De Striuse
Duck a la De Striuse
Duck Coconut Green Curry Chili
Duck Fat Strudel Dough 200
Duck Fat Strudel Dough
Duck Mole Carnitas
Duck Mole Carnitas
Duck Porcini Mushroom Stuffing
Duck Porcini Stuffing
Duck Ragù Sauce
Duck Ragù with Barley Cavatelli Pasta
Sean Paxton

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