This page is dedicated to the Hatch Chili Pepper! This seasonal pepper is so unique, so delicious, with so many recipes! With a beer twist, here is a selection of Cooking with Beer recipes, highlighting Hatch Chiles flavor and why it is so sought after.

Many recipes start with a classic, stemming from what ingredients are local and in season at the same time. My Hatch Chili Verde Mother Sauce creates a great backdrop for Hatch Chili Peppers to shine with their flavor and heat level. It can be left vegan | vegetarian or used to make  Homemade Chicken Chile Verde Recipe, Homemade Pork Chile Verde recipe, to using this base Chile Verde sauce to poach eggs in, making a Hatch Green Chile Shakshuka.

Taking a similar flavor profile from a Chile Verde sauce, I use Mayonnaise | Aioli as a sauce medium to craft a Hatch Green Chili Mayonnaise that can be used on any sandwich | burger as a condiment or mixed into canned tuna or poached | grilled | smoked chicken to make an incredible salad, added to hard-boiled eggs to make Hatch Chile Verde Deviled Eggs or just used as a dip for potato chips | chicharrones.

Fire Roasted Hatch Chili Peppers can also be used to make a Green Pimento Cheese Spread, perfect for a burger topping, used as a spread, or warmed to create a dip for roasted | grilled vegetables, chips or poured over tortilla chips | chicharrones to make Hatch Chile Nachos.


Green Pimento Cheese Spread
Hatch Green Chili Verde Mother Sauce
Hatch Chili Verde Mother Sauce
Hatch Green Chili Mayonnaise
Hatch Green Chili Mayonnaise
Homemade Chicken Chili Verde Recipe
Homemade Chicken Chile Verde Recipe
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