Side Dishes

Bacon, Pork and Beer Stuffing, in a Pumpkin
Bastard Black Beans with Smoked Turkey Leg
Beer Hummus
Candied Yam
Candied Garnet Yam in a Spiced Allagash Dubbel
Chinese Style Rice Stuffing
Chinese Style Sausage and Shrimp Rice
Chorizo Pumpkin Seed Stuffing-Filled Pasillas Peppers
Ciabatta Stuffing
Ciabatta Stuffing with Mixed Fresh Herbs and Deschutes ESB
Classic Spätzle
Colcannon - Vegan
Home Brew Chef Sean Z. Paxton
Cranberry Reserve Chutney
Cranberry Wit Sauce
Cranberry Wit Sauce
Deschutes Dissident Cranberry Dried Cherry Sauce
Duck Porcini Mushroom Stuffing
Duck Porcini Stuffing
Garlic Rice
Hawaiian Style Rolls
Hefeweizen Spätzle
Jamaican Peas & Rice
Macaroni Salad
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