A selection of German inspired recipes, celebrating Oktoberfest, using German beers with classic ingredients, creating delicious German Beer Cuisine.

Banana Hefeweizen Cream Pie
Banana Hefeweizen Cream Pie
Braised Osso Bucco in Oktoberfest
Classic Spätzle
Dried Apricot Chamomile and Helles Strudel
Duck Fat Strudel Dough 200
Duck Fat Strudel Dough
Oktoberfest Recipes
Dunkelweizen Brined Wiener Schnitzel (local Pork)
German Beer Cheese Sauce
German Sauerbraten with a Belgian Twist
Oktoberfest Recipes
Gugelhupf Bierkuchen (German Beer Cake)
Hefeweizen Spätzle
Oktoberfest Recipes
Kartoffel Suppe (Potato Soup)
Oktoberfest Recipes
Knockwurst Poached in a Shiner Bock
Home Brew Chef
Lamb Smoked German Ale Chili
Oktoberfest Strudel
Onion Bock and Caraway Jam
Home Brew Chef Sean Z. Paxton
Pretzel Spätzle
Pumpernickel Spätzle
Pumpkin DBA Spatzle
Pumpkin DBA Spätzle
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