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Chef’s Table is a membership based site where you’ll find all you need to know about the Essence of Beer Cuisine, the perfect fusion of craft brewing and the art of cooking.  Chef’s Table resides on a platform that allows us to integrate new tools for helping you create amazing meals or dinner parties.  Check out the recipe tools; servings scaling, metric/US unit conversion, and custom shopping lists that are viewable on a smartphone or to print out.

A BASE Membership gives unrestricted access to all the advanced features Chef’s Table has to offer.  As a BASE Member you have access to exclusive recipes, menus, cooking techniques and tools, such as printable shopping lists that can draw from multiple recipes when building a multi course menu (also viewable on your mobile device), custom user built menus, and more!

In the coming months, BASE members will see significant feature upgrades to Chef’s Table.  Sean Paxton, a.k.a. Home Brew Chef, will be adding weekly, works of culinary art that no one has seen before including new recipes, menus, and photos to the BASE member’s access.

A New BASE exclusive feature currently in R & D will allow the user to create personalized digital cookbooks with favorite and classic Homebrewchef recipes. This just one of many exciting projects happening at Home Brew Chef.

“So why should I buy you a pint a month…?”

Not all sites are created equal and at Home Brew Chef, we take the recipes, menus, techniques, and recommended products, that we’ve put on our site very seriously.  Because we’ve researched it, used it, tested it, tasted, drank, savored, enjoyed, or not enjoyed (even we bomb a few times in the process), you’ll amaze yourself and your guests if you follow the directions and heed our advice.  With a BASE membership you are supporting Home Brew Chef in continuing its mission to create the most amazing Beer Cuisine the world will see.

Sean Paxton

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