Chef’s Table is a membership based site where you’ll find all you need to know about the Essence of Beer Cuisine, the perfect fusion of craft brewing and the art of cooking.  Chef’s Table resides on a platform that allows us to integrate new tools for helping you create amazing meals or dinner parties.  Check out the recipe tools; servings scaling, metric/US unit conversion, and custom shopping lists that are viewable on a smartphone or to print out.

PUBLIC: Non-member public access, allows you to see the most basic of recipes or techniques available on Chef’s Table.

FREE: There’s not much you need to do to become one of our FREE members and is great way engage with the Home Brew Chef Community. To register for a FREE account, all you’ll need is a username and password of your choosing.  The site is also set up for Clef fans too!

With your FREE membership you’ll gain access to much of the content that was available from Home Brew Chef’s previous site which includes updates and revisions to many of those favorite recipes and seasonal menus.  You’ll also receive the monthly Newsletter and be first to receive news and special offers. We will never sell your email address and if we end up sending you too much email that’s not your style, unsubscribing is a simple process.

We have a good amount of tested and standing-ovation approved recipes for your enjoyment at this level, but compared to what we have over on the BASE side of the membership fence, it’s kind of like looking through the restaurant window, smelling the food, but not actually getting to taste it.  Therefore, we encourage you to become more involved in the Community, by reserving your seat at the Chef’s Table with an upgrade to a BASE Membership.

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