I’m very excited to share, that this year, for our 4th year in a row, Home Brew Chef will be partnering with ARTA Rafting Co along with Dave Hopwood from 21st Amendment Brewery to do a Craft Beer Dinner on the Tuolumne River, just outside Yosemite National Park.  This is one of my favorite white water rivers, after having rafted this river over 20 times now.

Stone-ARTA-Rafting-Trip-2013-1     Stone-ARTA-Rafting-Trip-2013-4     Stone-ARTA-Rafting-Trip-2013-5

Stone-ARTA-Rafting-Trip-2013-6This trip has so many levels of awesomeness! A reservation gets you a 2 day trip down the beautiful and insanely inspiring Tuolumne River, navigating over 18 miles of Class IV and V white water.  In order to raft this river, you must have a permit (which ARTA has for our trip), which are hard to get.  This permit, limits how many people can be on this remote California river, keeping it pristine and undisturbed. This technical river is a treat for anyone with an outdoorsy spirit, with ARTA staff supplying the rafts and talented staff to get us safely down the river.  We get a quick they provide lunch the first day, while I step in and make a multi-course beer paired feast that night.  Below are the past menus and pictures of what and where we are camping, the middle of nowhere!  The next morning, I again, step in and create a great rafters breakfast with all the fix’ens and we then depart with a second day of rafting, followed by the easiest take out of all time.  ARTA has a crane that they use to remove the rafts and all the gear, extracting them right from the river and onto a bridge were we are shuttled back to our cars to drive home.

Prior Trip Menus:

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To learn more about this upcoming Craft Beer Dinner White Water Rafting Trip and book a reservation, click HERE.



Here is a river map of Tuolumne, with each rapid that is covered, along the 18 mile run.

Tuolumne River Rapid Map


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