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dogfish-head-120-minute-ipaA 21% IPA? What the hell does that taste like? 141 IBU’s? Are you nuts?

This is a clone recipe for a Dogfish Head 120 IPA.

Yes, I was crazy enough to brew this.  Yes, this beer is difficult to brew, and  long after you brew it, as you still are playing with it as it ferments.  Would I do it again? In a heart beat!  Anytime a beer takes 120 minutes to boil, adding hops every 3 minutes, adding 12 ounces of dextrose every 12 hours for 2 weeks during fermentation, and at the same time dry hopping every day for 4 weeks, you know you are in for something special.  Considering that I brewed this bad boy over 2 years ago and how well it’s aged. I only wish I had brewed 20 gallons instead of 10!  Special thanks to Jamil Zainasheff and Andy Tveekrem for their help and advice on this brew.

To help even further with this recipe, Jamil had me on his show, The Jamil Show, “Can You Brew It?” with Tasty McDole, discussing this recipe and how to brew it. This podcast is just over 2 hours, packed with the ideas, techniques and discussion on other executions of this recipe. Give a listen and hope you Enjoy!


The Brewing Network Logo    Can You Brew It: Dogfish 120 IPA – The Jamil Show 11-09-09


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