Oysters with Yellow Thai Racer
Fresh oysters with Yellow Thai Racer Hot Sauce, two ingredients, with one having to be shucked, the other a cap removed.
Servings Prep Time
1-3guests 5minute
Servings Prep Time
1-3guests 5minute
  1. Can not stress the importance of knowing your fish monger and where | how fresh your oysters are. If you live near the ocean, still check. If you are land locked, ask your fish monger when the oysters came in. I live about 45 minutes from Hog Island, and I still ask how fresh are the oysters. Figure 1 – 4 oysters per person for an appetizer, depending on the variety and size of the bi-value.
  2. Using a towel for protection from the oyster knife, wrap it around the oyster. Follow my Shuck the oysters video, for a step by step instruction.
  3. Place some shaved ice into a large serving platter with high-rimmed sides, covering the bottom of the dish with an even layer of flaked ice. Place the shucked oyster onto the ice, pressing down on the edges of the oyster shell to set the oyster in the ice, keeping it level.
  4. Once the oyster is shucked, add a few drops of Yellow Thai Racer Hot Sauce to your oyster and slurp away! Repeat and wash down with a tasty citrusy IPA, Witbier or pale ale.
Recipe Notes

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Oysters with Yellow Thai Racer

Executive Chef: Sean Z. Paxton

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