Home Brew Chef’s Gin & Tonic
Servings Prep Time
80servings 10minute
Servings Prep Time
80servings 10minute
  1. Begin by having a clean and sanitized 5 gallon keg ready and the lid removed. I like to purge the keg with CO2 gas, as this gas is heavier than air, helping preventing oxygenation.
  2. Pour in the gin of choice and tonic water mix into the keg. Seal with its lid and attach the CO2 gas to the out port on the keg. Turn the regulator to 40 PSI and begin to shake the keg. After a few shakes, lift the pressure relief value to purge any remaining air in the keg. This will also help keep the chance of this cocktail going bad.
  3. Shake the keg for 3 – 4 minutes, letting the keg fill with gas, while mixing the cocktail.
  4. Remove the gas line and label the cocktail. Place it into a The libation Trailer, kegerator or other refrigeration and keep below 40°F | 4°C. Before serving, give the keg a shake, just to be sure all the ingredients are mixed.
  5. To serve, pour this cocktail on CO2 into glasses and you are done!

Executive Chef: Sean Z. Paxton

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