Bean Recipes

Bean recipesThis online cookbook selection features Bean Recipes. These recipes use either dried or canned beans, that are cooked with beer, to create delicious, easy and nutritious dishes. Using Pantry staples helps create a side dish to a main course, with what is on hand, or having to get a few extra ingredients to boost the flavor and texture of the final recipe. Beer acts as a liquid to poach | simmer | stew the legumes in, using ales and lagers as a cooking medium. From appetizers, side dishes to entrees, beans are used to create dishes like Beer Hummus, Smoked Porter Black BeansRed Beans and Union Jack Rice, to Ranchero Style Pinto Beans.

I hope you enjoy these recipes! Eat Beer!


Bastard Black Beans with Smoked Turkey Leg
Beer Hummus
Beer Hummus
Brazilian Feijoada
Jamaican Peas & Rice
Middle Eastern Falafal
Middle Eastern Falafel
Pambazo Especial de Pollo
Pambazo Especial de Pollo
Pinto Beans with Smoked Ham Hock
Ranchero Style Pinto Beans
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Red Beans and Union Jack Rice
Roasted Garlic Garbanzo Bean Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes with Turmeric and 101 North Brewing Indigo Agave Pale Ale
Slow Cooked White Beans in Scotch Ale
Smoked Garbanzo Bean Couscous
Smoked Porter Black Beans
Smoked Porter Black Beans
Sopes filled with Mexican Style Beer Stewed Chicken and Malt Pickled Red Onions
Sean Paxton

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