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Mexican Umami, in a hot sauce!

A hot chemistry, combined with zesty citrus juices, spicy euphoric (eu-fork-ic) chilies (Carolina Reaper, Habanero, Poblano and Ancho), luscious cocoa nibs, and creamy oatmeal stout beer.

48 ingredients? It makes a difference!

Great as a hot sauce, ingredient, condiment and beer cocktail mixer. Check out our recipes.

Heat Level: 6/7 out of 10

Single 5 oz Bottle


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Home Brew Chef and Humboldt Hotsauce


Nor-Cal Mole

Love at first sight!  It happened when the Home Brew Chef and Humboldt Hotsauce dined together for the first time.   A hot chemistry, combined with zesty citrus juices, spicy euphoric (eu-fork-ic) chilies, luscious TCHO Chocolate cocoa nibs, and creamy Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout beer.

EAT BEER Hot Sauce, a passionate, flavorful addition to any table.


$12.00 | 5 oz Bottle


This product is: Vegan


Ingredients List:

Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout, cold pressed citrus juice (tangerine, orange, lime), calamansi juice, yellow onion, Smoken’ Ed Carolina Reaper chili peppers, habanero pepper, poblano pepper, ancho pepper, malt vinegar, black mole paste (chile mulato, chile pasilla, canola oil, salt, plantain, sesame seed, fried garlic, onion, thyme, clove, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper, oregano, fried peanut, walnut, raisin, almond, sodium benzoate as a preservative), white miso (water, organic soybeans, organic rice, salt, yeast, koji culture), soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), garlic (black & white), TCHO Chocolate Fair Trade & Organic Ecuador Cacao Nibs, coriander, cumin, kaffir lime leaves, stout malt syrup, citrus zest (orange & tangerine) and ginger.

This Product Contains:

  • Gluten
  • Seeds: sesame
  • Nuts: peanut | walnut | almond


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21 reviews for Eat Beer Hotsauce | Nor-Cal Mole

  1. The Real Joe Cowan (verified owner)

    Easily 5 stars! I ordered on a Monday and had it by Wednesday. This sauce is a FLAVOR GAME CHANGER! You don’t want to end up on the side of history that missed this sauce. Imagine mole’, heat, oatmeal stout, cacao, with little notes of ginger, lime, and layers of umami like miso just in the background. Hint of sweetness to balance it perfectly. The complexity is amazing, but it’s still gonna be a crowd pleaser. The heat it a 7, so it’s good cut with mayo or whatever base sauces/liquids/butters you are working with. Can still go straight in dabs on any meat or taco.

  2. Matt Roach (verified owner)

    Ok. So I’m critical. Sorry. But my god, when I taste just downright deliciousness, I’ll be the first (re: within the first 1000 people) to blow it up!! Chef, this stuff is INCREDIBLE! Depth of flavor so intense, I can’t wait to cook with it OR (I just had an idea!) make a badass Bloody Mary with it!! This will also play a key role in one of my upcoming barrel smokes. But I’ll tell you this – and I don’t mean this in any type of negative way towards anyone – but if you have even the slightest bit of wussy in you, just turn and start runnin’ now because one bottle cleaned my entire penny collection and THEN I ate it!!

    Seriously, this is a great sauce and I can’t wait to use it, finish it, buy more and repeat!! Thanks Chef!!

  3. Mike Riley

    Just bought a bottle over at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company’s tap room. Just had a few drops on my bbq pork sandwich. Deep smoky mole flavor. Lips and tongue are tingling a bit and the spiciness lingers. Good stuff!

  4. GM (verified owner)

    I have been enjoying this HS since it arrived, first with cheese (and crackers), and most recently in the sous vide pouch with Sansaire Steak Magic, liquid hickory, and a splash of BLiS hardwood soy. Delicious. In a shootout versus the rib without the HS – the flavor profile of the resultant rib was vastly more ‘full’ for having some mole sauce. It held up to 72 hours like a champ.

  5. Alan Chambless

    I am a hot sauce guy. I put hot sauce on virtually everything I eat other than desert (I’m even one of those guys who puts the chili powder stuff on fresh fruit).
    My hot sauce shelf usually contains Tabasco, Sriracha and either Cholula or Tapatio. I don’t go for the “Crazy Hot” type hot sauce that is all heat and no flavor.
    I’ve already finished my first jar of Nor-Cal Mole. I’ve been putting it on eggs in the morning and with various veggies and meats at dinner. I find the earthy, smokey notes go especially well with lamb and it also perks up roasted veggies like brussels sprouts. It is hot enough to get my attention, but not so hot that you can’t appreciate the actual flavor of the sauce. I haven’t tried cooking with it yet, but I could imagine adding it to a rich, saucy dish like a stew or some braised meat.

  6. Doug Braun (verified owner)

    This is one bold hot sauce full of flavor! Eat Beer Hot Sauce is easily the most complex and flavorful hot sauce I have ever sampled. Initially this sauce packs a punch, but then the flavors of chocolate, citrus, fresh herbs and smooth oatmeal stout come through. I am a big believer in hot sauces should add flavor and not just heat. This sauce definitely adds flavor and just the right amount of heat for me. I have used this on beef, pork, chicken, eggs and any veggie you can imagine and it has not disappointed. Thank you Home Brew Chef and Humboldt Hotsauce for creating my new favorite hot sauce!! Well Done!!

  7. Tyler Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    I could not be happier with the hot sauce!!!!!It is the perfect balanced sauce that can be utilized in a variety of ways. I use it to add flavor or as the star marinade. The complexity of the sauce gives any dish layers of flavor! Can not wait to put it on chicken wings this upcoming football season!!
    Thank you Home Brew Chef and Humbolt Hot Sauce for making a hot sauce that stands above the rest!!

  8. Bryan Young (verified owner)

    Hello everyone, I’m a chef in the Northeast. I bought 2 bottles of this hot sauce.

    The sauce is very versatile, I used it in several applications my favorite being used in a classic aioli. The spice and acidity of the sauce brightened up aioli whilest giving it depth from the bitter yet sweet chocolate. I used this aioli with peekytoe crab and it was a match made in heaven.

    A more simple application was used on a burger. The meat was from highland cattle grassy and gamey. The sweet maillard aromas balanced out the beefy aroma of this very lean burger meat.

    I give this versitile hot sauce 5 thumbs up!!!

  9. Eric Kuhlhorst (verified owner)

    I have purchased several bottles of this sauce and given some to friends. I have used it as a compliment and addition to many recipes. This sauce is killer good as an addition to any seasoning for all proteins and many vegetable dishes. A small amount adds a ton of flavor elements, so the price per bottle is a real value. I would recommend this sauce as a staple item.

  10. john foster

    I finished a bottle of Sean Paxton’s amazing hot Eat Beer Hot Sauce. this stuff is remarkable in that there is flavor along with heat. most of the time “hot” sauce is just that. hot to be hot for no other reason than to be hot. cooking your tongue is not the flavor that I am looking for. instead, I want a more exploding experience of enhanced spices and nices. I put it on eggs, roast beast, smashed potatoes, in the guacamole I made from parts, all of it deliciously enhanced by the concept of a little is enough. where does Nor Cal Mole not work? when the bottle is empty.

    the lesson here is… get more than one bottle. like three.

  11. Leslie pollock (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this sauce. It’s a great accompaniment to so many things. I hesitate to classify it as a “hot sauce” because it’s so much more than that! Yes it has a kick, but there is so much depth and delicacy to the flavors. I am a private chef but I don’t often have time to make complex condiments like this, so I was really happy to stumble upon Sean’s Nor Cal Mole sauce. And I’m glad I bought 3 bottles!

  12. Morgan Cox

    I have become increasingly into hot sauces over the last several years, and find a place for all sauces out there, even the standards. Nor-cal Mole is not a commodity sauce! For me I found an assertive and wonderful earthiness that sets the foundation for an easy heat. This has become my go to sauce for eggs and fish. Really looking forward to using it in a recipe for chicken wings.

  13. Aaron Kubly (verified owner)

    What an amazing hot sauce! The heat level is approachable but definitely present. There is a depth and complexity of flavor here that I’ve never encountered in another sauce. This is one of the best sauces I’ve ever tried. My only complaint is how quickly I’m going to need to order another bottle!

  14. Doug Ashcraft (verified owner)

    Complex fruity sweetness, warming, creamy chocolate and roasty notes, with some nuttiness and a hint of coffee; no, I’m not describing the Imperial Stout in my glass, but the hot sauce I’m using on my smoked pulled beef tacos! The flavor of the beef is elevated, with the interplay of the sour cream, beef, and sauce smoothing out behind kick of heat and the pickled onions. I bought 2 bottles to start out with, figuring I’d gift one to a like-minded hot sauce fan, but that will need to wait until my next purchase. Thanks Sean for pushing the boundaries with this Nor-Cal Mole sauce; I look forward to more adventures with it!

  15. Steven Chow

    I love that this sauce is legitimately hot while being balanced and complex. Lots of earthy tones from the chocolate and spices so unlike most commercial sauces that taste of vinegar and salt. There is some acid but since it comes from the citrus which brings a sweetness and freshness to this sauce that many sauces can’t because they use distilled vinegar instead. I used this sauce on Chinese stewed brisket and it fit like a glove with the anise and soy from the brisket. I envision adding this to my clams in spicy black bean sauce and bringing new dimensions to the classic Chinese dish. A must have for any pantry! There are fried peanuts along with other tree nuts in this sauce so be aware if you or the person you serve this to is allergic to nuts.

  16. Jeff Scott (verified owner)

    The flavor explosion of this hot sauce astonished me the first time I tried it. Way more complex than any other hot sauce I’ve tried before. Layer after layer of flavor will both brighten up the most boring dish or take an amazing dish even higher. I also enjoy the flavors of this sauce as a rub for ribs, a couple healthy dashes in a pasta sauce, or to add flavor and heat to soups.

  17. Craig Schafer

    I happen to work with a neighbor of Chef Sean and am very glad she decided to give me a bottle of Eat Beer Nor-Cal Mole sauce for Christmas!
    I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the hot sauce realm and can tell you that this is one Great concoction! I’ve tried hundreds, if not a thousand hot sauces in my time and this one is very, very unique.
    Like any good Mole sauce, this combo is very complex in its makeup and if you take the time to savor the flavors (instead of wolfing it down like I have a tendency to do!), you can taste many of the ingredients on their own, which is no easy feat!
    I love the combination of peppers used and am a fan of “HOT”, so it may be able to stand some “heat gain”, but that’s just me…. I took the “Paqui One Chip Challenge” on Thanksgiving night without any “relief”, so you might consider me a bit overboard when it comes to needing a lot of heat!
    This is truly a sauce that you should try…. You will not be disappointed!
    Cheers and Beers to you, Chef!

    • Sean Paxton (verified owner)

      Glad you are enjoying the Nor Cal Mole Craig! And thanks for the great review! We are all about flavor, heat and enjoyment!
      Cheers, Sean

  18. Chad Roberts (verified owner)

    This is the most complex yet balanced hot sauce I have ever encountered. Glad I bought two bottles, my next purchase will be a case. So many layers of flavor come together in a way only a Paxton recipe can. A must have!

  19. Bill Moore

    Now here is a match made in “mole” heaven! Scrambled Eggs, Chorizo and Potato Breakfast Tacos topped with “Nor-Cal Mole” from Eat Beer Hot Sauce! This amazing hot sauce is a joint collaboration between Home Brew Chef Sean Paxton and Humboldt Hot Sauce. This is being described as “Mexican Umami” in a hot sauce! I can see why! This sauce is outstanding! If you love beer and you love a Mexican mole… this sauce! This sauce blends a total of 48 ingredients and features Anderson Valley Brewing Co.’s “Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout Beer,” zesty citrus juices, Carolina Reaper, Habanero, Poblano, and Ancho peppers, malt vinegar, black mole paste, black and white garlic, and TCHO Chocolate cocoa nibs! The complexity of this sauce is just awesome, and the depth of flavor is rich and intense! And being able to “nibble” on those chocolatey cocoa nibs is an added bonus!

    See a Video Review of Nor Cal Mole here:


    Bill Moore

  20. Matt McD (verified owner)

    Easily my favorite new hot sauce. The balance is remarkable both in heat to flavor ratio and the use of spices. Just the right heat for me, I’d say it is around Serrano level of heat with tons of earthy chile flavor. I use it on everything; pizza, steak, seafood, tacos, tamales, bbq, eggs. This is a hot sauce with a big punch of flavor and perfect heat that is still mild on my stomach. 5 stars, highly recommend, buy a couple of bottles because you may find yourself using about a tablespoon or more in one sitting!

  21. Bert (verified owner)

    I first had this hot sauce at the Bear Republic Restaurant in Healdsburg and used half the bottle in one sitting. I had stomach cramps the next day because of it, but that didn’t stop me from ordering a bottle online and then another for a gift. This sauce is perfectly rich, earthy, full flavored and balanced with the perfect amount of heat. It is definitely a sauce I save for the weekends, but it is also one my favorite sauces to introduce to someone who hasn’t tried it. I love it on everything.

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