Cooking with Beer Class

On February 24 – 25th, 2017, Brew Your Own (BYO) Magazine, will be hosting a BYO Boot Camp in Santa Rosa, CA.

In this Boot Camp. I will be teaching a “Cooking with Beer” class, that will show you, teach you and allow you to taste my 24 years of cooking with beer experience.  This full-day hands-on cooking class will teach you how to use your homebrew and other beers as a feature ingredient in all types of food recipes, from appetizers to main dishes to desserts during a Cooking with Beer Boot Camp on Friday, February 24th. You’ll find out about the keys to using different styles of beers with different types of food, from ingredients to cuisines, as well as specific techniques to highlight the beer on your plate.  Far from a simple follow-this-recipe format, I will share how to create menus, identifying flavors to highlight, while avoiding off flavors and share my experience specializing in Beer Cuisine, that will leave with a stockpot full of ideas, concepts and knowledge to take back to your own home kitchen to create your own beer-centric meals and treats.

Your day wraps up with a Russian River Brewing Company beer reception. This is one of 15 different full-day homebrewing boot camps run by Brew Your Own magazine on February 24 & 25 in Santa Rosa, California. Save $75 when you register for the two-day option.

For more information and to register check out this link:


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