We all go to the grocery store, its part of cooking.  As techie as my gadgets and devices are, when it comes to a shopping list, I find paper is still my top choice.  However, I’m not a fan of writing the list, I always miss something or get distracted and the list goes unfinished as I head out the door.

At Home Brew Chef we solved this one with our Shopping List feature built into Chef’s Table.  This is a Base Member only feature that allows you to select the recipes you’re planing on cooking, scale the whole meal to the number of guests you’ll be entertaining and print out (or send to PDF) a shopping list already to go.  You can use the Shopping List on your phone too, just build your list on your phone and you are ready to go.

Shopping List Feature

To build a shopping list, make sure you’re logged in first (A.), Shopping List is a Base Member feature only.  If you’re logged in, go to My Account (B.) this is where you’ll find helpful links in the Member’s Area we’ve put together for the Chef’s Table community.

If you have some extra time, check out the Techniques, Videos, and Blog (C.) areas to learn interesting new things and gain even more out of your Chef’s Table membership.

Shopping List Feature

Once you’re in the Member’s Area page you can login here, if you are not already, or even register | upgrade your membership level (A.)  To access the Shopping List, click on the link.(B.)  You can build your Shopping List even while surfing through the recipes, just click on the shopping basket icon by the recipe title to add to your current session’s Shopping List.

Shopping List Feature

If you were already adding recipes to your Shopping List during your current session, you’ll see them listed when you come to the page.  You can also come directly to the Shopping List page and add recipes directly by selecting them from the dropdown list (A.).  The titles in the summary list at the top of the page are links to view the full recipe.

Recipes come in all different sizes, depending on what the recipe was originally created for. Home Brew Chef thought of this and built in scalability of the Shopping List to one common serving quantity.  It is important to set your servings number first (C.) before adding recipes to your list.  By setting the servings first, your shopping list will automatically adjust your list to the correct amount needed to buy at the store.

Depending on which side of the pond you live, there’s the ability to set your units (D.) between US and Metric.

Last but not least, it’s time to print that glorious Shopping List you have compiled for your epic entertainment plans.(E.)

Coming soon… the ability to save the menu you just built and be able to recall it up!  Stay tuned.

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