To our Members, our Community, thank you for being a part of Home Brew Chef. We are excited to share great recipes, menus, cooking techniques, tools and more on Chef’s Table, an extension of Home Brew Chef.

To those of you that have provided feedback, we love to hear the good and the bad, so please keep it coming. Our goal is to build a site that has features and content that you find interesting and useful … let us know what you want to see!

What you will not see on Home Brew Chef is popup ads, massive banner ads, etc. We figure you didn’t come to our site to find your next insurance agent, so distracting you with flashy advertising seems a bit misdirected. We’re not saying we’ll never have occasional page sponsors, but they will be relevant to what you came to the site to see, for example, a Brewery sponsoring a page about recipes using their beer.

Membership Defined

Chef’s Table is a membership based site where you’ll find all you need to know about the Essence of Beer Cuisine, the perfect fusion of craft brewing and the art of cooking. Chef’s Table resides on a platform that allows us to integrate new tools for helping you create amazing meals or dinner parties. Check out the recipe tools; servings scaling, metric/US unit conversion, and custom shopping lists that are viewable on a smartphone or to print out.

Chef’s Table currently has three membership options.

Public Viewing: No requirements, visit any time.

FREE Membership:  Requires registration with an email address and provides you with access to additional content and recipes that are not available under the Public viewing.

BASE: This level supports Home Brew Chef with a $4.99/month subscription which contributes to the creation of new recipes, technique videos, site tools and features.

The cost equivalent to a pint a month is all it takes to support Home Brew Chef in ongoing research and development for you. To learn more about the features and benefits of the various membership levels, check out these links:

Free Memberships

Base Memberships

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