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Middle Eastern Cucumber Salad

Middle Eastern Cucumber Salad

This Middle Eastern Cucumber Salad recipe is ideal for mid-summer lunch or dinner. With Farmer’s Markets crammed with perfectly ripe...

Hopped Strawberry Shortcake with Witbier Curd

This Hopped Strawberry Shortcake with Witbier Curd is one of those recipes that makes Spring and Summer so delicious!  Tender Barley Shortcake sweetened...

Hawaiian Style Teriyaki Beef Short Ribs

This recipe for Hawaiian Style Teriyaki Beef Short Ribs is so simple, it just takes a few minutes to make the...

Porter Beer Brined Pork Shoulder

When you think barbecue, it’s hard not to think about smoke.  Why not try a smoked, Porter-infused pork shoulder?  This...

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